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Tungsten argon arc welding

TIG welding (tungsten arc argon arc welding) is a very common welding method at present.

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First, what is the TIG welding?

Tungsten argon arc welding

Tungsten argon arc welding

Tungsten argon arc welding

Common name: TIG welding

Chinese Name: tungsten inert gas shielded welding

English Name: Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)/Gas Tungsten Arc Welding(GTAW)

Holding weapons: tungsten needles, welding power sources, electrode clips, gas nozzles, welding wires (dispensable)

Protective equipment: inert gases (commonly used argon, helium, etc.)

How does he carry out his work?


TIG welding uses the arc between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece to melt the metal to form the weld.

(emoticons: why should we use tungsten to make electrodes?)

In TIG welding, the current density of the cathode usually reaches 106 ~108 A/m2, and the working temperature is usually higher than 3000K (2726.9 degrees C) at the end of the electrode. Tungsten material is a tough guy. It has high melting point (3410 C) and boiling point (5900 C), with great strength (up to 850~1100MPa), small thermal conductivity and high temperature volatility. He can withstand TIG high temperature welding, can also have the ability of electron emission current in a wide range of other metal materials, to change, possible minutes dropped dead.

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Argon and tungsten are always a good pair of friends. Many bulbs are also filled with argon to protect tungsten wires from damage. Argon is inert gas, very little to integrity, and any metal to produce chemical reaction and also insoluble in metals. He has a larger density than the air, and is smaller than the heat and thermal conductivity. These characteristics enable argon to form a gas protective layer around the arc to isolate the air, so as to prevent harmful effects of oxygen and nitrogen on tungsten electrode, weld pool and weldment, and argon is of good arc stability.

Tungsten argon arc welding     Tungsten argon arc welding

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(expression package: which weldments are suitable for TIG welding?)

TIG welding can be used for almost all welding of metals and alloys, but because of the high cost of precious argon, usually used for non-ferrous metal welding aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, etc.. For some thick walled components, such as pressure vessels and pipes, argon arc welding can be used for bottom penetration welding, all position welding and narrow welding.

Well, time is up today, the attention to TIG welding, the welding process, and so on will be discussed later on.

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