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What is the Knowledge of Argon Arc Welding Machines that Novice Welders Must Know?

What is the Knowledge of Argon Arc Welding Machines that Novice Welders Must Know? 07. 16, 2021

The argon arc welding machine is a machine that uses high-pressure breakdown arc starting method for welding. Argon arc welding is tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding, which refers to a welding method that uses industrial tungsten or active tungsten as non-melting electrode and inert gas (argon) as protection, referred to as TIG. Commonly used for welding of 6~10mm thick plates, double-sided single-sided forming back cover welding of thick plates.

160V TIG Welding Machine

160V TIG Welding Machine


According to the different electrodes, argon arc welding machines can be divided into melting electrode argon arc welding machines and non-melting electrode argon arc welding machines.

Non-melting electrode argon arc welding

Non-melting electrode argon arc welding refers to the arc burning between the non-melting electrode (usually tungsten electrode) and the workpiece, and an inert gas (usually argon gas) flows around the welding arc, which does not chemically react with the metal to form protection The cover prevents tungsten extremes, arcs, molten pools and high-temperature metals from contacting the air, which can prevent harmful gases from oxidizing and absorbing. Thereby forming a dense welded joint with good mechanical properties.

Melting pole argon arc welding

The welding wire is conveyed by the wire wheel, and the contact tip conducts electricity. An arc is generated between the base material and the welding wire, and the welding wire and the base material are melted, and the inert gas argon shielded arc is used for welding with molten metal. Different from argon tungsten arc welding, argon tungsten arc welding uses welding wire as the electrode, which is then continuously melted and injected into the molten pool to condense into a weld, while argon tungsten arc welding uses shielding gas. With the application of technology, the protective gas has developed from a single argon gas to a large number of mixed gases. In terms of operating methods, semi-automatic melting argon arc welding and argon-rich mixed gas shielded welding are the most widely used, followed by automatic melting argon arc welding.

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