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Opening ceremony of Asian Games


Opening ceremony of Asian Games   Opening ceremony of Asian Games

Opening ceremony of Asian Games

The opening ceremony place of the Asian Games is mainly based on steel structure for performing scaffolding and stage. The difficulty of the project lies mainly in its large project volume, short construction period and high quality requirements. It is necessary for the welder to complete the welding task of tens of thousands of tons of steel frame in a short time, and ensure that the weld seam is strong enough to withstand the gravity of the typhoon and lighting equipment. Therefore, in this project, the MIG /MAG welding series of the FONDOF arc welders are well applied, with its fast arc starting, stable welding performance, and welding process efficiency. The excellent results not only improve the welding efficiency, but also guarantee the quality of the project. It provides equipment support for the successful completion of the opening ceremony of the Asian Games.

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