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GuangZhou Tower


GuangZhou Tower  GuangZhou Tower

GuangZhou Tower  GuangZhou Tower

Canton Tower consists of a tower of 454 meters and a 156 meters steel mast, which is totally 610 meters high. The tower body is composed of steel framed tube and reinforced concrete core barrel. The inner and outer framed tubes are connected by the floor structure, but the floors are half missing.

Welding work is one of the most difficult tasks in the Canton Tower project. The outer tube of steel structure is made of steel tube components, and the high-altitude joints are all equal strength welded joints. Considering of the quality of welding, the efficiency of welding and reducing the deformation of welding, the previous welding experience, the semi automatic welding of carbon dioxide MAG welding is adopted and the manual welding is supplemented to carry out the welding process of all position welding at high altitude of the steel structure joints. In the welding process, the welding sequence is symmetrical distributed welding, and the welding unit is controlled by the sequence of column - bracing - ring beam. The joints in the same ring are distributed symmetrically and staggered to control the adverse effect of welding deformation to the maximum limit.

The carbon dioxide MAG welding of FONDOF has been well applied in this project. With the characteristics of quick response, stable welding, excellent welding process performance and suitable for welding steel, the welding quality and welding efficiency are guaranteed in the steel structure of the welding project, which provides the professional equipment support for the success of the project.

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